Boys Weekend

Boys Weekend – DAY1

Mum went to Merricks for 2 nights & 3 days, we were left to decide what we were going to do for the weekend. We tried to get accommodation in Ballarat but we couldn’t find anything. In the end we decided to get $200 bucks out of the bank and spend it on different things, so on Saturday we went out for breakfast at some cafe dad’s been to before. Eventually we drove to the Vic Market and had a bit of a browse around and in the end I bought a watch, so did Josiah and Samuel bought a cool lizard thing made out of wood, between all us boys we bough a cool helicopter. Then we ate some really yum American donuts which were full of jam. Very soon after that we went home and started to charge up the helicopter we decided to do our bum painting which was really funny but cool. After our shower we got the mats out to play some wrestling games. It was really awesome & fun. 



Sunday morning, we got up, got dressed and went to Knox Shopping Centre and bought: a Nerf vortex, 36 darts and some new cricket balls.Then we drove to Grandpa and Nana’s first of all we said”hello,” and played some wii then when it was time to make our pizzas my pizza had: Tomato sauce, ham, bacon, mozzarella and salami. After that I just sat at the table and we chatted. Soon our pizzas were ready. Mine was delicious. Straight after that Nana prepared some banana fritters they were magnificent with ice-cream and maple syrup. then we went home to meet mum and it was hugs and kisses all around.

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