Circus du Soleil Ovo

On the weekend I went to The Docklands with my family to have some fun and eat brunch but what we didn’t know was mum and dad had a circus surprise in store for us. So after breakfast we walked around to look for something to do and we ‘accidentally’ found the Circus du Soleil tent. Mum and dad decided we should go and just have a look around and when we nearly out the front of the circus tent gates we guessed mum and dad had decided to buy tickets, so we waited about another 5 minutes the n went and found our seats we were sitting down for about 10 minutes then circus started it was awesome there were heaps of different acts. There were heaps of different acts like trampolining, tightropes, trapize, balancing acts and acts of extreme strenght. It was cool, amazing and everyone was in awe.


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