In the Rooms

On Saturday the 4th of August, I went to see North play Bulldogs.

I went with my Dad and my brother Josiah. The first half was nearly all bad play by North and the Bulldogs. In the second we picked up our form and we started to kick better and more often. We started to score some more goals. Then ten minutes before the end of the match my uncle Andrew called and told us to meet him at gate 2 and go down to the rooms with him (his membership is extremely expensive and only about 5 or 6 people have it).  Anyway, we got to watch the last 10 minutes of footy at the gate where the players come in to the change rooms. Then we left to get a good spot for the song in the change rooms. Soon all the players came in Drew Petrie, Nathan Grima and Brent Harvey. Then they sang the song, it was extremly loud. I got a photo with spud. Liam Anthony and Nathan Grima signed the back of my North jumper – it was awesome.

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