My First Sleep Over

On Friday, Adam Smith one of my best friends came over at 5:30 for a sleep over. I was so happy because  it was the first time some one had come over for a sleep over, So when got there we put Adam’s stuff in the third bedroom,then we put a queen sized bed in there for Adam and me. After that we made our pizza’s and put them in the oven to cook, while we waited we played a game called BOOM BLOX. Adam was really good at it.

Then our pizza’s were ready – they were really tasty. After that we got ready for bed did our teeth and changed into or PJ’s. Adam and me just really jumped on the bed and talked and laughed. Then it was time for lights out and we still talked and got into a bit of trouble we talked about if Adam had brought something special he said he had brought his dsi exel. So then we got off to sleep . We woke up at 5:00 and waited to 6:00 and played DS for about an hour then we had breakfast and played Wii then we had morning tea then Adam had to go home. It was great having somebody for a sleep over.  


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