My First Snow Trip

Yesterday I went to the SNOWI went with my Dad, Mum, Josiah and Samuel. When we got to the entrance there was a big hold up. A man had to go to each car telling everyone “there’s no more parks up there so you can either turn around and leave or wait a little while,”. We decided to stay because it was our first trip to the snow and it was along drive – so yeah we’ll stay. So in the end we went in and got a park, then rugged up and set off up the hill. First of all we passed two car parks, then we came to a tobbogan run, which we tried out but we didn’t explore any further. Next, we went up the mountain a bit more and we found a free play snow area where you could tobbogan have snow fights and build snowmen. We had heaps of fun there. For lunch, we ate some noodles and went back out and dad, me and josiah had a snow ball fight – it was so much fun. Then we went down the whole hill on the tobbogans, got changed and went to a cafe for tea. Then we went home.

It was the best


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