On the 27th of May Friday

I stayed home from school, so did Josiah and Samuel because Mum and Dad had something planned. It was a suprise. They had been keeping it from us for two weeks. We drove to the city for lunch at Blue Train cafe. I shared an Angus Burger with Dad, Mum had some fish and Josiah and Samuel had a bowl of fries. Finally it was time for the big suprise. We set out to get another parking ticket and then we were on our way. We walked for about five – ten minutes. We ended up standing in front of Rod Laver Arena. Then we realised we were going to Circque du soleil.

I was speechless and a bit nervous, Josiah on the other hand was going crazy. He said “I have been waiting my whole life for this day” and Samuel was just jumping up and down excited. When we found our seats, dad and I went to get some water bottles in case we got thirsty. Then it started, the show consisted of pole climbers, people swinging on a massive swing then jumping of and going high in the air and doing crazy tricks and flips, strong guys balancing each other on top of each other, a guy making amazing sound afects with his mouth  and many other amazing and funny acts. By the time the show had finished we were exhausted so we went home and grabbed some Mcdonalds on the way. When we got home we ate our dinner and went to bed.

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