The Theme Parks






When we got to Wet’n’Wild we hired a locker and went straight to the wave pool. While we were in the pool the waves started so I could body surf which was awesome. Next we went to the River Rapids which sounded a bit scary because I’ve never been on a water slide but it wasn’t at all, it was just really fun.

Sea World

At Sea World I really enjoyed the dolphin show, because of all the tricks, I also enjoyed the polar bears and the spot where you could feel the sea cucumbers and starfish. Now we get to one of my favourite parts, the shark bay aquarium. It was soo cool, sometimes it felt like you could actually touch them, and the sharks were ‘big as’. Then we went to see the seal show with two seals called Claude and Buddy. I didn’t like  the roller coasters at all. We went to Ray Reef as well, I liked Ray Reef heaps because you  could actually touch the rays.

Movie World

When we went to Movie World it was a bit boring for me because there a lot of roller coasters which I am not very fond of, so all the rides I went on were simulater rides. I saw a movie I liked called SHREK IN 4D because your seats moved. It was freaky and cool. I also liked the stunt driver show.

It was so cool…

See some videos here: The Viking Boat and Claude


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